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Client Centre Update Q1 2012

As you may be aware, DST Global Solutions has been performing a major overhaul of the online IMS Client Centre over the past 18 months. We consider the Client Centre to be a key venue where you are able to receive a range of support services on-demand. We pride ourselves in offering an extremely efficient Client Support function where you can quickly find the information you need to get the most out of our solutions.

Having previously introduced a new look and feel with improved navigation, and a revised content structure, we have now also implemented new functionality and broadened the content.

Software Downloads

A major new service has now been released on the Client Centre. We are pleased to announce that our new Software Downloads functionality is now available allowing clients to receive the latest software updates for their DST solutions via a quick, secure download service rather than waiting for disks to be mailed to them.

Clients can choose to download files via a variety of protocols – FTP, HTTP or HTTPS are all catered for. Clients who currently have the FTP feature enabled will automatically have the option to use the alternative methods visible when they log in. Clients who would like to enable this feature should contact the DST Global Solutions Helpdesk in the first instance.

User Access Levels

From direct feedback we understood that some clients wish to be able to set the level of access their staff have to Client Centre services and content. The Client Centre allows clients to perform such tasks as:

  • see the latest DST and Client Centre news updates
  • view and comment on existing support calls
  • create new support calls
  • see Dynamic Scorecards online and other stats and reports for their own client
  • ability to generate temporary solution passwords for key users
  • access key product documentation including Release Notes for the DST products that they use

Accordingly, we are pleased to announce that such functionality is now available to all clients. Our new service will allow fully customisable access for every user. In other words, each user’s profile can be set and reset allowing access to only those Client Centre functions that are appropriate to them.


Clients can set the access levels for their staff via their nominated Client Security Administrator or have the DST Global Solutions Helpdesk set up the necessary levels on their behalf. In both cases, please contact the Helpdesk in the first instance.


Plans for Client Centre enhancements in 2012

We will continue to focus on improving overall content across the site in 2012. We aim to ensure that all content is accurate, up to date and broadened further so that clients have access to a variety of useful, relevant and engaging material. Watch out for further news on this throughout 2012. We also plan to relaunch our online Forums, providing clients with an online community space to discuss operational issues, share hints and tips, and interact with our solution experts.


Site metrics reveal that hits on the Client Centre have continued to increase over the past 12 months indicating that we continue to make progress in the right direction.



Your feedback and ideas on the Client Centre are always welcome and help us improve our interaction and service to you. If you have any comments or suggestions about this site please e-mail suppuk@sscinc,com