Business Intelligence

SS&C introduces powerful data visualisation capabilities to HiPortfolio

Retrieve, visualise and interact with investment data for real-time decision making

SS&C’s HiPortfolio solution sits at the core of the investment operations of many global asset servicing, insurance and asset management businesses.

As the trusted source of transaction and positions data, HiPortfolio holds a wealth of information from which everyday investment decisions are made.

Processing and visualising that data in a meaningful way delivers real-time investment data efficiently and accurately in a way that is easily interpreted by decision makers.

HiPortfolio's new Business Intelligence capability is now available and enables the creation and maintenance of bespoke and flexible dashboards to visualise and interact with investment data enabling:

  • Flexible data mining of investment, accounting and tax information to speed operational investigations
  • Comprehensive visualisation of investment operations data
  • Improved accessibility to information for decision makers and your client facing team

The feature rich Business Intelligence module gives you the ability to:

  • Quickly access HiPortfolio investment, accounting and tax data in real-time
  • Easily visualise data using a combination of tables, pie charts and graphs
  • Effortlessly create and maintain dashboards tailored to specific business needs
  • Flexibly filter and sort operations investment data
  • Intuitively data-mine information across  data hierarchies
  • Seamlessly integrate with Desktop applications, e.g. Excel


Please find more information below.

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