Optimising Investment Operations


Globally, investment operations face common key challenges of helping to support growing the investment business whilst improving operational efficiency. Gains in productivity and efficiency are constantly sought after, all against a backdrop of:

  • margin pressures
  • rising costs and mandates associated with regulatory compliance
  • increasing demands from clients for accuracy, transparency and serviceability

To remain competitive and grow, investment firms need to be scalable and deliver superior client service. We understand your need to be competitive and optimise your investment operations in a world where margin pressures, and regulatory and client demands are increasing.

We recognise our obligation to you to keep our core capabilities best in class and keep you informed of best practice so you can make the investment operations decisions needed to grow your business and create efficiencies.  Accordingly, within this area of the Client Centre, you will find material to assist you in making the right choices to enhance your usage of HiPortfolio, leverage the full potential of your investment in our solutions and optimise your investment operations overall.

We will be adding content to this area in the form of industry updates, thought leadership, regulatory updates, and news of enhanced features and functionality being added to HiPortfolio.


Unit Pricing

Unit Pricing Optimisation

Unit Pricing Optimisation is a programme of work which adopts a collaborative approach between SS&C HiPortfolio & Anova (SS&C),
the unit pricing team and the supporting investment operations. By analysing the existing end-to-end unit pricing process, SS&C’s unit pricing expertise can be leveraged from both a systems and a business perspective to deliver a holistic review of infrastructure and processes.


Corporate Actions

Key Drivers of Corporate Action Automation

Corporate actions automation is a key priority for investment operations to reduce operational risk and cost.  Geoff Harries, Global Head of Asset Servicing at SS&C HiPortfolio & Anova, discusses key priorities for corporate actions automation in this short video.


Asset Servicing

What is the definition of asset servicing today?

There are many definitions of asset servicing. Geoff Harries, Global Head of Asset Servicing, discusses his views and how the function of asset servicing is evolving and impacting the agenda for operational change within buy-side investment operations.


Optimising Investment Operations

Key Challenges for Asian Asset Management

Geoff Harries, Global Head of Asset Servicing at SS&C HiPortfolio & Anova, discuss today’s key challenges for investment operations in Asia including the rationalisation of costs to create a more efficient and lean operation. He also discusses the impact of ITC market reform.


Optimising Investment Operations Asia (25 February 2014)

Optimising Investment Operations Thailand (27 February 2014)