HiPortfolio 23.0 will be available for release on 2nd June 2023. The new version reflects our continued commitment to the product and provides compatibility with Solaris 11.4.

The ongoing investment in HiPortfolio brings about the regular release of new capabilities and presents a compelling upgrade business case. Version 23 supports changes being introduced by the market, improves operational efficiency and delivers technological enhancements for compatibility with latest operating systems on both Windows and Solaris platforms.

The full v23.0 Release Notes are available and include enhancements with a Business and Technological focus. This release includes:


  • expansions to HiPortfolio’s cryptocurrencies functionality, allowing users to trade, manage and report on cryptocurrencies
  • improvements in operations management when setting up interest schedules for new fixed interest and swap securities
  • improvements in unit pricing processing to allow users to import transactions with a future settlement date
  • expansions to the size of location, security and portfolio user defined fields to facilitate improved data and operations management.
  • Upgrade to ACUCOBOL version 10.4.0 delivering compatibility with the latest operating systems on both Windows and Solaris
  • Upgrade to Ctree version 12.0.02 delivering compatibility with latest operating systems on Windows and Solaris


The value of an upgrade to our clients lies not only in the new capabilities delivered in this solution, but includes the enhancements delivered in all previous releases since your clients last upgraded. The Enhancement Summary Tool has been updated with v23.0 content and will also be available on the Source, along with numerous other resources to help you demonstrate the complete value of upgrading to our latest version.

To request a delivery of the new release on behalf of your clients, please utilise the standard Client Release Request (CRR) mechanism. Please note that this version would require clients to upgrade their Acu license to 10.4 and Ctree license (if applicable) to version 12. Please allow an extra week for the release team to secure the license upgrade. There is no cost expected for clients in upgrading licenses from Acu 10.0 (HiPortfolio 16.0 and above) and Ctree v11.

The end of support date for this version is June 2026. Please note that all versions prior to 20.0 are out of support and 20.0 will be out of support on 30th June 2023.