Monday 28 June 2021 - HiPortfolio v21 has been released. The new version reflects our commitment to the product as this version contains some significant changes to meet market and client driven changes and requirements.

The ongoing investment in HiPortfolio brings about the regular release of new capabilities and presents a compelling upgrade business case. Version 21 supports changes being introduced by the market, core fund accounting operations, improved user security and delivers technological enhancements for better performance, integration and automation.

The full v21.0 Release Notes are available and include enhancements with a Business and Technological focus. This release includes:


  • Introducing support for compounding based instruments utilising Risk Free Rates which are replacing IBOR based instruments (referred as Libor Transitioning generically) and extending the support for OTC based loans instruments
  • Improvements user security and provisioning and allowing for the centralisation and management of users from outside of HiPortfolio
  • Continuation of the Unit Pricing enhancement program including the configurable release of security prices, additional class based data elements and reporting capabilities
  • Improvements in Integration and system management capabilities including the alignment of adjustment transactions at the propagated level, increased precision in the interest rate tables and the import of interest rates for Money Market instruments


The new version includes a new HTTP/HTTPS Rest integration service providing access to a broad range of HiPortfolio capabilities. The new service, called the HiPortfolio Gateway, provides a modern simpler, standards based, secure method of interfacing with the breadth and depth of HiPortfolio’s data and processes