Corporate Actions Automation

The processing of corporate actions remains a source of risk for the global securities industry. Organisations commonly make provisions to protect against losses due to processing errors. It remains one of the most inefficient, complex, and manual functions remaining in the back office posing high operational risk.

Removing these inefficiencies from daily operations is critical given increased volumes and tighter pressure on margins in today’s challenging global economic climate. Losses, both financial and reputational, are unsustainable from any source.

An integrated solution for corporate actions processing

Having a technologically advanced solution incorporating automation and workflow plays a central role in both corporate actions processing and broader asset servicing activities that are dependent on accurate and timely corporate actions management, such as valuations, unit pricing and front office position updates. The deployment of a best of breed corporate actions data cleansing and validation capability, with flexible notification and response processing, is an important step to help deliver a robust corporate actions processing environment.

SS&C HiPortfolio's Corporate Actions Automation capabilities combine a flexible and robust rules based workflow engine in the data cleansing process and through the notification and response workflow to deliver cleansed and validated information to downstream systems.


Latest enhancements to SS&C HiPortfolio

SS&C HiPortfolio has been enhanced to tackle the end-to-end corporate actions processing challenge.  Below are a number of highlights included in recent SS&C HiPortfolio releases and more information can be downloaded below:

  • Automation of income announcement capture and capital events integration
  • Flexibility to deal with tax components and management of entitled positions
  • Post dividend change management and accounting update control

Contact the SS&C HiPortfolio team to find out more about how SS&C HiPortfolio can help improve your corporate actions processing operations.

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